Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An FO!

Our friends Rachel and Colin had a little boy in January, so I decided to make him a little blanket.

I made it out of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease which, in their new selection of bright colours, is one of the squishiest, kid-friendly (ie: machine washable, and super-durable) yarns I've come across (the paler greys and pinks are noticeably thinner and less squishy).  Its a shame these colours are so hard to come by in Vancouver -  Michael's doesn't carry them, so you have to order them directly from the Lion Brand site, or one of a handful of re-sellers on Amazon.  (you can get them at the Lion Brand Studio Store too, should you happen to be in NYC sometime!)
I backed the blanket with this fun purple and teal amoeba-like flannel - ideal for a doctor's kid, I think! :)

Here's what the blanket looks like when spread out - I knit the squares in six vertical stripes, to make the sewing up a little faster. (Mike made up the design - he was showing me how to use PowerPoint to make a template I could play around with, but I like the first "sample" design he came up with!)   If doing it again however, Who am I kidding?! WHEN I make another one, I think I will make a collection of separate squares, and then take the time to sew them up one by one - you can tell that this was knit in strips, and personally, I quite like that quilted look you get with all the seams.

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