Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh, that's right.... I've been doing some knitting

I was talking to someone the other day about how much the internet has changed knitting.  I remember even as recently as 2004, spending hours searching the internet for knitting patterns - now you just go to Ravelry, and you have everything you need in one easily accessible place.  (The old lady in me now wants to start whinging about how kids today have it so easy!)  ;)

Anyway, it occurred to me the other day that my so-called knitting blog rarely features any actual knitting.  Again, Ravelry has taken over that duty, and since anyone really interested in the details of my knitting can log in and see it there, I kind of just forget to post things here too.  So, to rectify that, here's a summary of some of my recent knitting projects! :)

My little nephew Max is about 15 months now, and is starting to live up to his father in the wild child department.  So I decided that he needed his own Wild Things outfit.
I had intended this to be a birthday gift back in July, but it took me ages to get the ears right, and then it seemed much more appropriate as a Halloween costume.

 Do you remember the socks I made for Mike last christmas?  They have been so well worn that they were starting to get a little thin in the heels.  A skein of tapestry wool later, and you have a new set of sock heels!
I can't say I'd do this to every pair of handknit socks, but really this yarn is just so soft and squishy that it would be a shame to let them go to waste!  If you're wanting to do this yourself, make sure you do it before there are any actual holes in the socks - then its just a matter of swiss darning over the thin spots (I did the whole bottom of the heel just to be safe).   As for me, I think it may be time to start knitting moccasin socks for Mike!

Last spring I fell in love with the Tuckernuck cardigan from Interweave Knit, and decided to try and up-size the pattern so it would fit me (which reminds me... where are those pattern notes?!).  Its a very craftily designed pattern, so I figured it would be easier to knit a test version of it before adjusting the pattern.  How convenient then, that I happened to know a little girl who would fit the existing pattern sizes just perfectly!
(Speaking of that little girl, I think may have something else in my not-quite FO collection which will be perfect for her this winter!  What did I do with those buttons?)

The last one I'll show you is the little gargoyle I made to help ward off bad ghosties from my friend Darcy's place.  She had been talking about wanting a gargoyle at a house-cleaning party she held back in July, and then I happened to come across this pattern.
His name is Gargy, and apparently he has a tendency to move about when you're not looking at him! :)

I have lots of other projects, but I think I'll share those another day... sometimes its very difficult not to let knitting take over everything!  :)

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P'cess said...

You've been a busy lady! I still am in love with the Wild Things sweater!

Gargy renamed himself Gary... it's a weird name I know, but he insists...
I love him... thank you!