Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Tree Day!

On December 10th, Mike and I decided that it was high time we went out and found ourselves a Christmas Tree.  As you may remember, we generally get our trees from a U-Cut style Tree Farm, since this ensures the freshest possible tree.

This year we went back to the same farm as last year - the weather was just about as grey, but at least this time the ground was mostly frozen, so we didn't have to wade through mud puddles to find the tree.

Here's Mike with our tree right before we hoisted it onto the car.

And here he is all tied up tight, ready for the drive home.

Once we got home, we stood out little friend in the corner, and decorated him with lights and tinsel and ornaments.  Now he's such a happy little tree!

We also have a Charlie Brown-style tree this year - Mike took a fall while hanging our window lights, and unfortunately this branch wasn't quite strong enough to support him.  But now it looks so festive on our mantelpiece!  :)

A few days after the tree went up, I baked the traditional gingerbread cookie ornaments... good thing I didn't actually need them for the tree, because they haven't made it to the decorating stage yet (hence the lack of photos).  They're far too yummy on their own!

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